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Green Brits = hypocrites. Even they love flying

A passion for aviation is the Achilles’ heel of British attempts to live more environmentally-friendly lives. An Exeter University study presented at the Royal Geographical Society’s annual conference has found that a even people living generally green

By Karl Fabricius

Npower plans to commence destruction of Thrupp Lake

Energy supplier npower announced today that preliminary work at the Radley Lakes site in Oxfordshire would commence on 10th September, but conceded that work “would be reviewed” following the results of the ongoing inquiry due in the autumn. The site h

By Karl Fabricius

“The largest man-made environmental catastrophe”

The annual conference of the Royal Geographical Society was rocked yesterday by the announcement by an international team of scientists that arsenic contamination in drinking water is “the largest identified man-made environmental catastrophe”. A present

By Karl Fabricius

Flood risk from climate change underestimated

For the thousands of people whose homes were damaged in the widespread flooding in the UK this summer, it may seem like a joke. But scientists have announced that climate change may carry an even higher risk of flooding than was first thought. A n

By Karl Fabricius
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Extreme weather destroys Great Wall of China

It’s a huge part of the national psyche. Rumours abound that it can be seen from space (it generally can’t). Kafka wrote a short story about it. But now the Chinese news agency Xinhua reports that parts

By Karl Fabricius

Hedgehogs now endangered

The Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP), a document compiled by more than 500 wildlife experts and one of the most highly respected reference sources on UK endangered wildlife, has included hedgehogs and house sparrows among species requiring protection. Th

By Karl Fabricius

UK opposition finally taking climate change seriously

Liberal Democrat party published a groundbreaking blueprint for climate change reform yesterday, to the relief of environmentalists who finally see a mainstream political party giving green issues the attention they deserve. Party Leader Sir Menzies Ca

By Karl Fabricius