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20 Pets Who Can Totally See Pokémon. For Real.

“My cat found this Ballsprout in the park,” wrote this proud pet owner, who has also quite controversially decided to tether their feline to a leash. Just in case it takes off in chase of a nearby Pokémon, of course. “Rat and Cat,” quipped this player, who is clearly sneaking in a little Pokémon play …

By Kathryn Lamont
Image: via SwordfishGirl

These Photographs of Animals Licking Windows are Freaking Hilarious

But maybe it’s the taste of the windows that these animals love so much? After all, these days household window sprays come in a variety of fragrances from grapefruit to cucumber. Whatever it is, this husky can’t get enough of it. “It’s mine, I say! All mine!” And that’s just one of the options for …

By Alice Lipscombe-Southwell
Image: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images / YouTube/Movieclips Trailer Vault

10 Actors Who Almost Lost It For the Sake Of Their Art

9. Martin Sheen – Apocalypse Now (1979) It’s no secret that the filming of Apocalypse Now, Francis Ford Coppola’s Vietnam-based take on Heart of Darkness, was hellish – to the extent that Coppola even threatened to commit suicide at one point. The greatesr tribulations however, were experienced by lead actor Martin Sheen. Sheen was in …

By Robert Zak