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20 NFL Players Who Did Truly Awful Things

18. Lawrence Phillips Lawrence Phillips enjoyed several seasons in both the N.F.L. and the Canadian Football League. However, an extensive criminal record ensured that he made the front pages of the news far more than the sports section. Indeed, while serving jail time for both driving his car into a group of teens and a …

By Jon O'Brien
News and Politics

The 20 Most Insane Things That Newscasters Have Done On Live TV

18. Bad intel When Asiana Flight 214 crashed in 2013, Bay Area-based Fox affiliate KTVU thought that it had received credible info on the pilots’ names. However, the network didn’t notice that the leak was an obvious hoax, leading anchor Tori Campbell to announce several fake and somewhat racist monikers. And as a result of the gaffe, …

By Chris Shackleton

Here’s The Cast Of Happy Days Three Decades After They Left Al’s Diner For Good

9. Ron Howard (Richie Cunningham) As Richie Cunningham, Ron Howard won over audiences effortlessly. And that’s thanks in no small part to his character, who when he wasn’t being adorable and charming spent his time daydreaming and pursuing girls. Howard himself, meanwhile, ended up moving to Hollywood to pursue his own dream to become a …

By Gemma Horton