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20 Fascinating Game of Thrones Facts That Even Avid Fans Won’t Know

18. A nice day for a Red Wedding Season three’s infamous Red Wedding is perhaps the show’s most shocking moment – and there’s been a lot of competition. Thankfully, however, brutal moments like this only happen in fiction… right? Wrong. Unfortunately, the violent murder scene was actually based on the real-life Black Dinner of 1440, …

By Chris Shackleton
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20 Witty Tweets by Guys That Totally Nail What it’s Like to Be a Parent

As a dad, it’s important not to have favorites. Or rather, it’s important not to let them know that you have a favorite. Just keep it to yourself, their mom and your thousands of Twitter followers. Let’s be honest: you couldn’t give them the answers if you wanted to. Does anyone really remember how to …

By Chris Wharfe
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20 Times Google Image Search Just Didn’t Quite Get It

18. “Missionary position” Well, they’re dressed like missionaries, all right, and they are in the missionary position. What more do you want? Plus the fact that the guy on the bottom is enjoying himself so much just makes his partner’s dead stare even funnier. 17. “Unicorn” There’s no easier way to make your unicorn picture …

By Chris Wharfe