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20 Secrets About Dirty Dancing Guaranteed To Get Your Pulse Racing All Over Again

1. The film could have been called I Was a Teenage Mambo Queen Dirty Dancing nearly wasn’t called that at all. Indeed, after becoming frustrated that everyone assumed they were making a porn film, the film-makers very nearly changed the name to I Was a Teenage Mambo Queen. Hollywood history could have been very different …

By Sarah Jones
Anthropology and History

After This 200-Year-Old Mummy Of A Buddhist Monk Was Found, Academics Claimed He Was Still Alive

Well, in February 2015 Purevbat eventually retracted his claims, stating that the mummy was, just like the one inside the ancient statue, intentionally embalmed after Sanzhzhav’s death. Apparently, experts planned to study the remains at the National Centre of Forensic Expertise in Ulaanbaatar, before reburying them in the mountains. However, since then few official announcements …

By Suzi Marsh