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20 Facts About Space Jam That Even Its Biggest Fans Won’t Know

19. Jordan’s good luck charm was real In one scene in the movie, Jordan wants to put on his old college shorts under his standard uniform. What you might not know was that this wasn’t just a big-screen superstition. No, the sports star actually donned his University of North Carolina shorts in real life every …

By Jon O'Brien

20 Forrest Gump Facts That The Filmmakers Didn’t Want You To Find Out

19. Hanks did actually deliver Gump’s Vietnam speech When Forrest Gump gives a speech at a Vietnam rally in the movie, his microphone is cut off so that neither the crowd nor the movie audience can hear him. But according to footage seen in the 1994 making-of documentary Through the Eyes of Forrest Gump, Gump …

By Sarah Jones