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Image: Florida DOC/Getty Images / via ITV
Anthropology and History

The 20 Deadliest Female Serial Killers Of The Past Century

15. Nannie Doss Don’t let her nickname – “the Giggling Granny” – fool you; Alabama-born Nancy Hazel – Nannie Doss – was pure evil. A case in point? Doss’ first husband left her after suspecting that she had poisoned two of her own children. In fact, Doss eventually confessed to 11 murders, including those of …

By David Hewitt
Image: YouTube/CNN

This Guy Bought The House Opposite A Notorious Hate Speech Church, And He Got The Sweetest Payback

Though Fred Phelps had been ordained in the Southern Baptist church, his attitudes were condemned by a wide variety of Christian denominations. But even though Phelps died in 2014, his followers – mostly family members – continue to spread the church’s message in daily protests and pickets across the country. ADVERTISEMENT Indeed, the Westboro Baptist Church is …

By Caren Gibson