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This Plus-Size Guy Is Smashing Stereotypes of What Male Models Should Look Like

There are, of course, health concerns related to promoting a larger size, but still, as Miko points out, “You don’t have to be a twig to be healthy.” He told The Guardian,  “I think labeling people as unhealthy is unfair. You don’t know what their health is.” Miko himself, for example, is an avid cyclist. …

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China Has Unleashed This Colossal Monster to Destroy Us All

In fact, the statue is the spectacular centerpiece of a museum dedicated to Guan Yu’s legacy. In the soon-to-be-iconic structure, the general is seen wielding his legendary weapon, the “green dragon crescent blade” – which itself weighs almost 150 tons. ADVERTISEMENT Moreover, the platform the statue stands on resembles an ancient Chinese warship. The park …

By Harry Slater