What's Scribol

Scribol is a utility that connects you to the content you love and in the process drives traffic back to the people who created it.

At Scribol we believe the most effective way to discover content is when you’re already reading an article or looking at a video, because when you’ve gotten to the end of the article or have finished watching your video, what do you do? You can comment, share it with your friends or simply leave the site. Wouldn’t it be better if you could find awesome new content tailored to you?

What Scribol does is provide publishers with a module, which displays recommended stories from partners in our network that are targeted both editorially and algorithmically to the themes and audience of your site by our recommendation engine.

When a user clicks on our module, they get taken to a hub with even more great recommendations. Our users are so engaged that they typically click on more than three stories each which take them to three separate sites i.e. one click on a Scribol module equates to roughly three visits on other publishers’ websites. The same thing is happening on the other side – so we’re able to send multiple visits into your site for every click you send out.

Because of our powerful targeting technology, combined with the fact that we only work with the highest quality websites (90% of applications are declined), users’ time on site, page views per visit and repeat visits are significantly higher than other referrers. Our goal is not just to build traffic but to build audience.