18 Creepiest Landscapes On Earth

18 Creepiest Landscapes On Earth

  • Image: johnbatte.com

    Landscapes are usually associated with rolling hills and lush meadows, the tranquil quiet broken only by occasional birdsong. Not these landscapes. Full of fiends and strange faces, some of them might make you think a wizard muttered incantations to invoke nature’s sinister spirits. Others appear as gateways to other worlds best left unexplored, while still others seem like sets straight out of a horror flick director’s sick dream. Muhahahahahahaha! Oh, and if you like being scared, go to Iceland.

  • Image: Soffia Gisladottir

    Icelandic Stone Trolls

    This snap is riddled with trolls, which according to Icelandic legend turn to stone in daylight. There’s an obvious one, bottom right, but look closely and you’ll see others. The ridge itself is like a sleeping giant.

  • Image: orvaratli

    Geological Rhino

    Another Icelandic landscape, this one showing Hvítserkur, an old volcanic injection of magma whose surrounding rock the ocean wore away. Looks like some monstrous, literally stone age rhino to us.

  • Image: LTTay7

    Cliff Skull

    Taken at Lake Cumberland in Kentucky, this skull-like face is apparently one of many in the cliff face caused by naturally occurring decay and erosion. One’s enough, thank you very much.

  • Image: cridds

    Looking Out to Sea

    Looking like an old man watching the sea, perhaps for signs of impending doom, this photo was taken in Kilve Beach in Somerset, England, famous for its fossils – of giants?

  • Image: Joe Shlabotnik

    Face in Profile

    This next profile of a rock face in a rock face is in Yosemite’s famous Taft Point. A stone giant grimly surveying his kingdom from 3500 feet up while facing off with the big nose of El Capitan, opposite.

  • Image: David Paul

    OK, not so much a landscape as a seascape, but check out the water spirit, moving out of the water and standing tall as the surf hits the lighthouse pier at Frankfort, Michigan.

  • Image: Hkvam

    Gateway to Hell

    The jets of hot steam and sulphurous gases known as fumaroles plus its sterile, acidic ground give Iceland’s Námaskarð pass the look of an opening into the devil’s own domain.

  • Image: elfis gallery

    Straight out of Hell

    What is it about Iceland that makes its landscape so creepy? Well those solfatares emitting hot steam – in this photo near Myvatn – definitely have something to answer for.

  • Image: Völundur Jónsson

    Geothermal Nightmare

    Yes, Iceland seems determined to haunt us with its infernal terrain, here at Hverir. It’s no wonder the country’s folklore is replete with monsters, goblins and other phantoms of the netherworld.

  • Image: c@rljones

    Leaving Hell’s Gates

    One final shot of Iceland’s infernos before we leave its shores in search of other weird and wonderful landscapes. Taken near a geothermal power station, the bubbling mud only added to the sense of menace.

  • Image: Ozyman

    Strange Eggs Appear

    These strange, egg-like mounds look as if they form part of some alien landscape. In fact, though, this colourful expanse of unusually eroded rocks is the Bisti Badlands, located in New Mexico.

  • Image: Jessie Reeder

    Another World

    No, we’re not in Iceland again, but staring at another otherworldly landscape. This one is in the desert surrounding Bolivia’s Laguna Colorada, a shallow salt lake with red-coloured water and white islands.

  • Image: Wiechert Visser

    Ice Gate

    This beautifully frost-bitten avenue of trees, snapped in the Netherlands, looks like some gateway into the kingdom of the Ice Queen. Enough to send shivers down your spine. Brrr.

  • Image: Bianca van der Werf www.biancavanderwerf.com

    Creepy Gloves

    Who would have thought a view with gloves hanging from barbed wire in the foreground could be so sinister? Come to think of it… and crumbs are those marigolds creepy. Shot in the Netherlands, arthouse style.

  • Image: J.T. Noriega

    Long Road Home

    This shot brings back memories of road movies gone awry; we’re thinking The Hitcher or Duel. Actually, though, the photo was taken not in the California desert but the wilderness of the Philippines.

  • Image: Dirk Delbaere

    Scary Place

    This next picture has all the hallmarks of a scene from a classic horror, a Hammer perhaps: unknown location; isolated house framed by creepy trees; fog lacing the ground. You can make the rest up yourself.

  • Image: johnbatte.com

    Dark Night

    This creepy pic could be a screenshot from a high quality chiller. Lit by moonlight, bathed in swirling mist, the tree might easily be concealing some horror in its shadows. This could be anywhere. Atmospheric.

  • Image: Caro Wallis www.carowallis.com

    Desolate Landscape

    Desolate indeed. Creepy too. The fog shrouding this rural scene makes it seem as though that lonely lane could be leading anywhere. Who knows what lies beyond the ghostly horizon? Perhaps nothing. Perhaps oblivion.

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