13 Most Incredible Lost Ancient Cities

Image: Raveesh Vyas


Today’s world is full of vibrant cities; Tokyo, Chicago, New York and Dubai, to name but a few. However, great cities and great civilizations existed thousands of years ago, whether they were based around religion or were bases of political power. Now we are left with only the ruins of these incredible cities, exhibiting unique architecture and some of history’s finest craftsmanship. Let us rediscover these cities, lost in time.

Image: Jan Harenburg

13. Palenque, Mexico

A Mayan city in southern Mexico, Palenque dates back to Mexico’s classical era (400-700AD). Palenque offers some of the finest temples, sculptures and amazing stone carvings ever seen. The ruined city also offers a great deal to learn about Mayan architecture. If you have the chance you must visit the temple pyramid of Pacal Votan, the astronomical observatory and the great palace of this ancient city.