How the Ancient Romans Got Their Rocks Off in Pompeii

pompeii ladyPhoto: Angelika Dierichs

In 2010, people have Las Vegas. But in AD79, ancient Romans had Pompeii.

Destroyed on 24 August AD79 by the two day eruption of the volcano Mount Vesuvius, the lost city of Pompeii was eventually unearthed and what has been discovered is that sometimes the ancient Romans liked to par-tay – and they liked to do it in Pompeii.

Just like Vegas, the city of Pompeii was the luxury destination for the Roman elite and many members of the upper classes who lived there full-time. In examining the street Latin graffiti at Pompeii, it was learned that well-known gladiators and actors frequented the city, and drinking and sex were commonplace and acceptable forms of entertainment. And speaking of sex, it was everywhere.

pompeii sexPhoto: Angelika Dierichs

Underscoring this notion was the discovery of a Lupanare (brothel)
which had many erotic paintings and graffiti inside. The erotic paintings presented an idealized vision of sex which seems at odds with the reality of the function of the lupanare (prostitute).