Crazy Things People Do With Roller Coasters

Image: via likecool

If you’re one of those people who get sweaty palms just thinking about roller coasters, stop right here and by all means don’t read any further! We’ve found five extreme uses for roller coasters that’ll make even the hearts of true adrenaline junkies leap. We’re not going to say much more – just that they involve bikes and skates…

Image: Joe Schwartz

5. Roller Coaster Motorbiking

Oh, if only! Motorcycle fans would flock from everywhere to ride their bikes over a specially designed roller coaster track. After all, wouldn’t that be the ultimate test of stamina and guts?

Well, those wishing to move a bit closer to the dream can board the MotoCoaster, a unique roller coaster model where the usual roller coaster seats are swapped with individual ones that riders straddle like a motorbike.