Iceland’s Phallological Museum

Image: Dave Thau / My Happening

Iceland Phallological Museum / Merman Phallus

This is a guest post from one of our writers who chose to remain anonymous, for obvious reasons!

The Museum and Collection

Warning: This post should not be read by sexually insecure men. Housed in the Icelandic whaling town of Husavik, is the world’s only museum devoted to phallology – the collection and study of the mammalian penis. As of September 2009, the museum collection had 272 phallic specimens collected from 92 species of mammals found on Iceland or in offshore waters. A few mythological creatures are also represented in the archive: elves, trolls and sea monsters.

Image: Wellington Grey

Iceland Phallological Museum / exhibits

The collection does not yet have a human specimen but Pall Arason, now 94 years old, has donated his prize for when he dies, and there is a photo in the museum of his forthcoming contribution. In addition, a German, Brit and American have also signed on to donate after death. The American is Stan Underwood who has supplied a written profile for ‘Elmo’ – his one and only special sexual member.