The Longest Fingernails on Earth

Li JianpingPhoto: via Everything Weird

How desperate are you be to become famous? What lengths would you go to stand out in a crowd? Meet Li Jianping, 43, of Shishi City, Fujian province, in China.

Li Jianping grew his nails out because he wanted to be part of a fad led by the Jackass movie. The long-nailed man lives up to the name of the movie! My first reaction is this: how does someone with long nails like this wipe their butt? No amount of fame is worth having to rely on someone else to help you with your personal hygiene! Twenty-seven years of not grooming one’s nails results in this…

Lee RedmondPhoto: via Arbroath

Lee Redmond currently holds the world’s record at 33 inches in nail length! Again, it took her 27 years to get to this point. That’s a lot of help with personal hygiene! The picture above was accompanied by the comment (not my own!): “Imagine getting a hand job from this woman.” I will let readers come to their own conclusions on that one. It has been reported that nails like these cause disfigurement, nerve damage, and deafness (inability to clean one’s ears or scratch them).

Lee+RedmondPhoto: via Mentalfloss

Remember, it takes decades to grow fingernails like this. These people are unable to do daily activities like bathe, clean their house or drive. And one wonders what other health risks are associated with having having such growths. Ask yourself: are world records competitions driving relatively sane people to desperate lengths such as this to be famous?

There are actually websites out there devoted to this freakish style of art! Here are some pictures from Damn Cool Pics.