Tour A Nuclear Waste Dump!

Maxey Flats, Kentucky: once one of the world’s most toxic places, is having an open house on April 19th.

nuclear wastePhoto:
Image from klipspringer on Flickr

Never mind how strange this concept seems, or how close you can get your tour of a nuclear waste dump to Earth Day, there are almost 5 Million cubic feet of radioactive garbage buried in the ground there.

Maxey Flats represents, not surprisingly, the most expensive EPA superfund site in the entire Southeast United States; an area not exactly known for environmental activism.

Nevertheless, it’s supposedly going to be open for tours a scant three days before we are all annually reminded of what bad tenants of the planet we are, and without cost or reservation – a bold step towards transparency for the American government. It will certainly pose an interesting reminder of the errors of previous generations when it comes to the environment.

We’ll even throw in a free album.