Chinese Face Reading: Revealing The Secrets Behind Your Expression

Chinese Face Reading: Revealing The Secrets Behind Your Expression

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    Wouldn’t it be useful to know almost anything about someone at a glance? What if you could assess whether or not a date was worth pursuing after the first meeting? For many thousands of years, the Chinese have been reading faces and making fairly accurate assessments about people’s personality, what their interpersonal problems may be, and how they fit into society.

    Look at your face and divide it in the middle. No one has a perfectly symmetrical face, especially if your nose has been broken numerous times like mine has.

    If you need a diagram to further illustrate what I am about to share with you, click here.

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    Now, look at the left side of your face. Do you have a mole, a scar, or a humongous ear (in relation to your right ear)?

    The left side of your face, generally speaking, represents the yang, or male side. If you are a guy, this is defined as yourself, your male friends, father, brothers, and so on. If you are a girl, this means the same thing, with the exception of the left side not representing yourself, for obvious reasons.

    The right side of your face is the yin, which is the feminine portion of the face. For guys, this is representative of your mom, sisters, female boss, and so forth. As for the girls, this side represents you, your sisters, mom, or the crazy female coworker two cubicles down from you.

    Hopefully you don’t have too many anomalies on the right side! If your right side is fuller (even slightly), you care more about the females in your life (or are self-centered, if applicable), according to this source. However, if you have a fuller left side, you care more about the males in your life (or are self-centered, if applicable). According to the Chinese, the nose is the most important “life point”. You have five of them, actually: chin, forehead, cheeks, and nose.

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    Next, look at your nose for a minute. The nose represents wealth, hence its importance. If you have a straight nose with a round tip and full nostrils of equal proportions on either side, you will have massive wealth (mine is similar to that description, with the exception that my nostrils are narrow and closed). Having narrow nostrils, like mine, are an asset. This means you can hold on to wealth better. The “flabbier” your nostrils are, the worse you are with money and investing it wisely. Is your nose crooked or pointing off to one side more than the other? This is what your money is being spent on. (Refer to the yin and yang side explanation again.) For example, your money is either going to your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your male children, and so on. Ideally, your nose is going straight down, indicating a balance in terms of spending your money. (Having a nose that has been broken many times is perhaps not a good example!)

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    Many people in diverse cultures believe the eyes are the windows to the soul. This idea is not limited to Eastern religions. Many professionals in law enforcement gauge what is going on with someone they come into contact with by judging their eyes for signs of drug/alcohol abuse, deception or cognitive impairment.

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    Look at your peepers for a moment. The colors of your eyes are inconsequential. (It’s a good thing, because my eyes are often two different, non-matching colors!) If you have a round, curvy eye shape, your personality is more emotional. A person with eyes like this has a logical mindset, according to this source. Eyebrows following this pattern also have the same indication of an emotional mindset. If the eyebrows curve up, the person is more optimistic – either that, they are related to Spock. In contrast, someone with downward sloping eyebrows and/or eyes is considered more pessimistic. I wonder: if someone had colossal eyebrows that went everywhere and in all directions, would that make them more susceptible to multiple personality disorder?

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    The lips say a great deal about us, according to this source. If your lips are thin, you are likely argumentative. Full lips indicate that you are affectionate and emotional, kind, and loving. If your lips are well-defined, you have a good communication style (so don’t skimp on the lip-liner on important-first-impression events). Just as with the eyes, an upwards-turning mouth means you are more of an optimist, whereas with a downward-sloping mouth, you are more negatively engaged with the world.

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    The ears are very important. You will find that many Chinese people opt to have plastic surgery on their ears (as many deformities can affect the ear area) because of what the ears indicate. Even a mere mole is a bad sign, particularly on the left ear, because that signifies having a problem with one’s father. The Chinese have a patriarchal society. Ear augmentations or plastic surgery are second to rhinoplasty due to their importance in the culture. Good listeners are indicated by ears that lay flat. Though many don’t have ears that lie flat, some are lucky to be born with this trait. Propitious and favorable ears in the Chinese culture are long, thick and enormous. Big ears indicate a good suitor, a great employee, and someone who is successful. For the Chinese, small ears are perceived negatively.

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    Finally, one is considered spiritual and to have a higher, transcendent understanding over the common person – a highly valued trait, if the top of the ears are above the eyebrows, accompanied by a big forehead. In Western societies, this is just characterized as a very ugly person, no matter what gender. If someone has a small forehead area in relation to the bottom half of their face, they are more earthly and grounded. Practicality can be a good thing, but having a huge forehead is prized.

    Though the face is a standard feature of animals, how one defines and perceives it is as unique as the culture one belongs to. In one part of the world, people may pay hundreds of thousands of dollars on surgery to augment their ears, while on the other side of the world, big ears result in sobbing and lamenting of their foul genetics on a Saturday night. Perhaps the true message one can read in all of our faces is that we are never happy with what our maker lovingly gave us!

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