Sikhism: The World’s Youngest Major Religion

Praying SikhsPhoto: Not Known

Sikhism, a religion born in India, happens to be the youngest major religion in the world. Dating back to the 18th century, this religion was founded by Saint ‘Guru Nanak’. The Sikhs are fun-loving, open-hearted people, known for their flamboyance and extrovert nature. In India, Sikhs are mainly concentrated in the state of Punjab, which happens to be one of the most developed of Indian states, thanks to the hard working nature of the Sikhs.

Sikh Fight ImagePhoto: Lakhvirs’ blog

Though the Sikhs are very affectionate people, their past is a saga drenched in sacrifice and blood. The Sikhs are known to have brave hearts and be very potent fighters. Arguably, there is no sect or religion in the world that has sacrificed so many lives for its dignity and respect as has Sikhism. Yet many people consider the Sikhs the most loved community in the country due to their happy-go-lucky nature.

A not so common turbanPhoto: Not known

The turban is a revered symbol of the Sikhs (the above picture is not the common type of turban worn by the Sikhs). The turban is regarded as very sacred and pious. The Sikhs take a lot of pride in wearing their turbans. It’s like a part of their body and soul.

Sikhism is a young, energetic religion that continues to occupy a small yet significant part of this world.

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