Exploring a Creepy Abandoned Croatian Hospital

  • Even sunlight can’t cheer up this examination room.

    There’s no denying the spooky atmosphere that pervades this abandoned hospital wing. The examination tables, surgical instruments and mysterious machinery all add to the overall creepiness of the building. It’s the kind of place kids might dare one another to enter – or, for extra thrills, to spend the night alone inside. Yet even in broad daylight there are plenty of sights to send chills down your spine.

  • An unsettling view from below

    This abandoned wing is part of an old hospital in the town of Pula in Croatia. Photographer Igor Zgrablic says he doesn’t know too many details about the hospital’s past, but he thinks this was an ear, nose and throat ward that closed down in 2003. The adjustable examination table pictured appears to be a lot older than that, though. We can almost hear the screech of rusty metal that would echo around the room if the handle were turned.

  • An intimidating old-fashioned syringe

    Seeing this hefty looking syringe coming at you couldn’t have been a pleasant experience for patients. Fortunately, modern syringes have generally become a lot smaller and less intimidating. Then again, seeing as this was an ear, nose and throat ward, perhaps the instrument was used for nothing more painful than syringing ears. Or perhaps not.

  • Steel machinery and an eerie blue light

    Apart from the rust on its handles, this unidentified piece of machinery looks like it’s in pretty good condition – especially compared to the rest of the hospital. Even so, we’re sure horror movie fans could invent some kind of evil purpose for all those knobs and dials.

  • A tight fit

    This room more resembles a prison cell than hospital accommodation. If it weren’t for the sink and mirror, we might be inclined to think that it was once some kind of storeroom. Even with a single bed, it must have been a tight squeeze going in and out. The opaque looking window at the end of the room adds to the claustrophobic feel of the photograph.

  • Classic horror movie staircase

    Any haunted looking abandoned institution worth its salt has to feature a horror movie staircase, and this one fits the bill nicely. It’s the perfect stage for the slow, chilling descent of a phantom. Perusing these photos, it’s easy to see why location scouts are often sent to find abandoned hospital sites for use in horror movies.

  • An ancient looking examination chair

    We’re sure this chair was used for worthwhile medical purposes during its day, but we can’t help being reminded of murderous, razor-wielding barber Sweeney Todd. This is just one of many interesting pieces of furniture left behind in the Croatian hospital.

  • After you…

    If none of the other photographs have convinced you that this is a truly eerie place, then this one should do the trick. The only setting scarier than a creepy abandoned hospital is a dark basement beneath a creepy abandoned hospital. The dingy, narrow staircase only adds to the ghostly feel.

  • An old portrait of a young girl

    In the right kind of environment, virtually any object can take on a sinister aspect. Take this portrait of a young girl, for example. In an ordinary living room in a suburban house, it might appear quite sweet, but here, in this empty hospital, we almost expect it to have moving eyes.

  • Broken glass adds glinting light to the floor of this gloomy corridor.

    This long corridor is almost as terrifying as the darkened basement we saw earlier. If there’s one lesson we’ve learnt from scary movies, it’s that this is just the sort of place where evil specters might lurk before ambushing their victims. Long, dark corridors feature heavily in abandoned hospitals and hotels. Maybe that’s what makes them so scary.

  • An unusual examination room

    The state of disrepair into which this odd-looking machine has fallen only adds to the horror movie quality of the room. We can almost picture someone chained to the device, while a psychopath watches them struggle and sharpens his knives.

  • The view from the other side…

    Here’s a shot of the same room from a different angle. Judging by all the broken windows, it seems like vandals weren’t scared off by the spooky hospital. Broken glass is one of the most common dangers associated with urban exploration; accordingly, urbex should only be done in a sturdy pair of shoes.

  • Graffiti – another sign that the hospital has had visitors

    These graffiti-marked walls clearly show that vandals have been here. At times, graffiti in abandoned structures can be quite artistic, and some might argue that it adds character to empty buildings – but clearly not in this case. Unlike these visitors, responsible urban explorers generally leave things as they find them, only taking photographs.

  • This broken glass conjures images of a struggle.

    Here’s a close-up look at a broken window full of jagged pieces of glass that are just waiting to slice the skin of careless explorers. Besides broken glass, urbex enthusiasts also need to watch out for harmful substances, angry squatters and falling ceilings – not to mention the odd cranky ghost.

  • With the eerie menace of their abandoned surroundings, these instruments look ominous.

    This syringe may not be quite as intimidating as the one pictured earlier, but the hooked instruments behind it certainly are. Exactly which orifice were they designed for? It almost seems as if this hospital wing was deserted in a hurry, with medical equipment left behind and furniture abandoned.

  • An empty stretcher waits in an abandoned room,

    A wheeled stretcher is visible behind this decrepit old door. Perhaps the furniture and equipment was already outdated when the hospital wing was vacated, and so it wasn’t worth moving; or maybe staff planned to come back and get it but never did.

  • The old mattress pushed up against the radiator makes it look like someone is coming back.

    We think this old, yellow hospital bed actually looks quite cool. It seems a shame that it’s just rusting away in this old building. Maybe one day someone will rescue it and give it a new lease of life. For now, it appears as though squatters are using the old mattresses – so at least they’re not completely wasted.

  • A gloomy hallway

    With this quick glimpse into an office-like room at the end of another dark hallway, our exploration of this strange, old building is complete. We thank photographer Igor Zgrablic for sharing his photographs with us.

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Yohani Kamarudin
Yohani Kamarudin
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