Yesterday’s Visions of the Future [PICS]


flying machinesAll images via Paleo-Future

Everyone has lost a few hours to dreaming of what life would be like in the future but rarely do those dreams ever come to fruition. And it seems our hopes for the future have not changed much over the last hundred years. These images, produced in 1900 for a promotional campaign for German chocolate company Hildebrands, depict how Victorians envisaged their future, or more specifically, the year 2000.

glass covered city

From personal flying machines, ships driving out of the sea and glass covered cities; their ideas were really pretty cool. Unfortunately though, not very workable. True, technological advances have come on leaps and bounds and continue to do so but it will be a while before we have inventions like these in our grasps.

glass ship under the water

Even in Victorian times people were obssessed with travelling under the water, and if they were, no doubt they thought of living down there too. Who’s to say that an underwater habitat wasn’t one of their futuristic fantasies?

house on rails

How fantastically excellent it would be to be able to move a whole house on wheels via train tracks, instead of having to pack everything when a move is on the cards? If some clever entrepreneur would be so kind as to draw up the plans for this contraption, no doubt they’d have a glut of people willing to fund the construction. Seriously, if anything takes the pain out of moving, it’s got to be worth it.

ship driving out of sea

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