Chinese Face Reading: Revealing The Secrets Behind Your Expression

Image: rickfurb

Wouldn’t it be useful to know almost anything about someone at a glance? What if you could assess whether or not a date was worth pursuing after the first meeting? For many thousands of years, the Chinese have been reading faces and making fairly accurate assessments about people’s personality, what their interpersonal problems may be, and how they fit into society.

Look at your face and divide it in the middle. No one has a perfectly symmetrical face, especially if your nose has been broken numerous times like mine has.

If you need a diagram to further illustrate what I am about to share with you, click here.

Image: harry keely

Now, look at the left side of your face. Do you have a mole, a scar, or a humongous ear (in relation to your right ear)?

The left side of your face, generally speaking, represents the yang, or male side. If you are a guy, this is defined as yourself, your male friends, father, brothers, and so on. If you are a girl, this means the same thing, with the exception of the left side not representing yourself, for obvious reasons.

The right side of your face is the yin, which is the feminine portion of the face. For guys, this is representative of your mom, sisters, female boss, and so forth. As for the girls, this side represents you, your sisters, mom, or the crazy female coworker two cubicles down from you.

Hopefully you don’t have too many anomalies on the right side! If your right side is fuller (even slightly), you care more about the females in your life (or are self-centered, if applicable), according to this source. However, if you have a fuller left side, you care more about the males in your life (or are self-centered, if applicable). According to the Chinese, the nose is the most important “life point”. You have five of them, actually: chin, forehead, cheeks, and nose.