Where Are They Now: Modern Day Descendents of 10 Historical Icons

Image: Eva Braun

Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini in Munich, Germany, ca. 06/1940

Ten famous – or infamous – people left a legacy of descendants, still living amongst us. Read on to find out where Hitler’s relatives live today and what Einstein’s great grandchildren are up to these days. As for Genghis Khan, well you might want to check your own genes…

Image: via tvtropes.org

1. Adolf Hitler

German dictator, Adolf Hitler, is one of the most renowned mass murderers in the history of mankind; luckily, he expired in mid-1945. However, 65 years later, Hitler’s bloodline still runs in 39 living descendents. Three of the Fuhrer’s descendants live in Long Island, New York under the name Stuart-Houston, and according to Belgian journalist Jean-Paul Mulders they have agreed not to procreate. The other 36 live in Austria, mostly in the Waldviertel region. Allegedly, many do not know the truth of their lineage.