Soldiers Goofing Around While Stationed in War Zones

  • Soldiers’ lives are stressful and tiring, but some of them have managed to keep their senses of humor while on the battlefield or in training. This series of images shows the lighter side of life for troops while they fight for their country.

    Here, it’s the charge of the (very) light brigade! Except this seems like an awfully undersized horse. Budget cuts appear to have hit all departments in the armed forces.

  • In this next image, the dog is searching for the target through the lens while the soldier gets ready to shoot. Well trained!

  • Forget guns… this is the new generation of technology for capturing insurgents!

  • Car bombs are a tragic fact of life in many war zones, but these soldiers have found a way to ease the strain of this constant threat with a little gallows humor.

  • Now that’s camouflage! Can you spot the soldier in his gear? He’s not just safe from the enemy – but from his wife as well!

  • We know the armed forces have had difficulty in keeping up the levels of recruitment they need, but this image of a pilot flying while reading a magazine suggests new grunts are being allowed through basic training a tad too easily.

  • Bombs away! How to become faster than a speeding bullet in one simple step.

  • Now this really is stealth… Next step, The Invisible Man!

  • Life has changed much since medieval days, but jousting on bicycles seems a poor substitute for jousting on horses. These men also forgot to fly their ladies’ colors on the back of their bikes.

  • Some say women are unfit for combat, but this one shows us she can still be a lady while responding to the call of duty!

  • Early flight training commences with pilots (wearing model planes!) practicing their takeoffs.

  • Suicide is the number one cause of death in the US among teens, but is this the way to help them? This “Suicidal Teens Welcome” notice exhibits more than a little black humor.

    Soldiers’ lives are tough enough, so it’s good to see them having some fun while they go through the trials that come with the territory in an extremely dangerous job.

Michele Collet
Michele Collet
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