10 Creepiest Abandoned Cold War Missile Silos

Image: Jonathan Haeber

The launcher for the Atlas 576-A missile at Vandenberg Air Base, CA

Dimply-lit tunnels snake into the distance, metal steps echo with the sound of footsteps, and huge vertical drops plummet into the darkness – cavernous chambers where missiles intended to carry nuclear warheads would have once been housed. Replete with the signs of creeping decay and generally left to rack and ruin, abandoned missile bases are grim yet fascinating places to explore.

Image: Jeff McCrum

Titan I complex tunnel in Deer Trail, CO lit with eerie yellow light

These underground bunkers and silos – five American, five Soviet – serve as a reminder that there was a time, not so very long ago, when the end of the world didn’t seem like such an abstract concept. Indeed, not only did people believe nuclear apocalypse was possible – for many it seemed downright inevitable.