Four Abandoned Stations of the London Underground


Image: Brompton Road Tube. Courtesy of

“And this also… has been one of the dark places of the earth.”

These are, of course, famous words from Joseph Conrad’s 1902 novel, Heart of Darkness, describing Victorian London. At that time, the city was the heart of the most technologically advanced society on earth.

Perhaps,the most obvious symbol of this was the beginnings of the tube; a massive engineering feat, already almost thirty years old by the time Heart of Darkness was published. One has to wonder whether, like the great British Empire, the world’s oldest underground railway has any skeletons. After all, both the tube and the city have changed beyond recognition and re-invented themselves in order to cope with the vast demands that the population places on them. Every day, three million people use the 268 stations and the 253 miles of track. But what about those stations that have long since gone, which history has neglected? Which stations got left behind?