10 Insanely Beautiful Hotels Worth Traveling For

  • Written By Andy Boyd 

    Originally, we had two ideas for this post: local places to stay and eco hotels around the world. We quickly realized however, that we’d be giving you the wrong advice by saying “stay at home.” It’s incredibly important to expand your horizons. Even worse would be to say, “check out these amazing eco hotels around the world.” I mean that just sends the wrong message – after all, you’d be hopping onto a plane. Much less hypocritical however, would be to explore some of the amazing places that are actually worth traveling for. Modern day living is often on a par with a rat run: non-stop work, cities that never sleep and people who are constantly on your back. Sometimes it’s important to just step back and to take a break.

  • Nestled in the heart of the Ancient city of Athens, the Semiramis is a fresh look at minimalist architecture in hotel design. This 51-room hotel includes 4 luxurious rooftop suites and 6 cool poolside bungalows.

  • The style of Semiramis is almost like taking a sneak peak into the future with its bright, lively colour schemes, futuristic furnishings, and smooth lines. This place has got to be one of the coolest places to stay in Greece – even the colour scheme used in the design of the pool is cool!

  • This great example of a ‘heritage chic’ hotel blends the old with the new throughout its design. Each of the 30 rooms at the New Majestic Hotel have been custom designed by local artists in Singapore.

  • The result of blending old and new is a hotel that is as much of a work of art as it is a place to stay when visiting the area. The interior features a wide-open floor plan and intricate details around every corner. Other cool aspects of this hotel include soft mood lighting in the bedrooms, freestanding copper tubs, and minimalist stylings throughout.

  • The 253 rooms at the Hillside Su Hotel emit a soft aura of serenity, purity, and clarity with a very urban, chic design. The decor here is one that sees a lot of white colouring on the walls with flashes of fiery red and other colours popping-up at random.

    As is the case with most urban-themed hotels, the Hillside Su Hotel in Antalya features an architectural design that has sharp lines and well-balanced geometric shapes.

  • The DO & CO Hotel is a sophisticated hotel in the heart of Vienna, located directly across from the beautiful St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

  • The suites at this hotel feature exceptionally clean lines, hardwood floors, jacuzzi tubs, modern fixtures, floor-to-ceiling windows and much more. The DO & CO Hotel is the perfect example of a hotel that embraces minimalistic design principles.

  • The Fujiya Inn is a place that’s meant to be a serene, peaceful release from the all of the stress that we all feel throughout the day, and the design of this hotel embodies the true essence of simplicity and serenity.

  • This retreat is located in the heart of the Ginzan hot springs area, which consists of 3 large, natural hot springs that are believed to have a healing effect on the body.

  • The Inn is designed around a minimalist theme, which can be seen in the clean lines of the rooms, wood flooring, open floor plans, bamboo walls, and the handmade Japanese paper that can be found on almost every wall.

  • Hotel 71 is billed as a modern urban boutique hotel experience, and I can’t think of a better way of describing this over 450 room hotel located at the epicenter of downtown Chicago. Each one of the 32 luxurious suites at this hotel average about 1,200 square feet of living space and feature spectacular views of downtown and the Chicago River.

    Every room is furnished with a contemporary style in mind, and amenities are seemingly endless. All of this luxury comes with a price though; upwards of $500 a night for the King Suite to be exact.

  • Serenity is the name of the game at the Aana Resort & Spa Aana Resort & Spa located on the Klong Praow Beach in the Gulf of Siam. Aside from the spectacular natural beauty of the landscape in this region, the private villas here are equally as impressive and yet very simple. It’s all about bringing the outdoors in at these luxurious villas, including large sun decks with private jacuzzi pools overlooking the incredible views below which is what makes Thailand such a special place to visit.

  • The Adriana is definitely one of the top hotels in Croatia, as a matter of fact, it has made plenty of top 10 lists as one of the coolest hotels anywhere in the world. The interior in this recently renovated hotel is chic, urban club-land, which is shown through the use of smooth geometric shapes, mood lighting, and bold blocks of colour. Each room here features cool LED mood lighting, etched frosted glass showers, and unique furnishings.

  • Probably the best example of an urban hotel in all of Finland, Hotel Glo is a modern hotel with smooth lines laced throughout the interior. This 144 room hotel makes good use of soft chocolate-brown leather inside of the entire building on both the walls and in the furniture design.

  • The rooms are very minimalistic in design, but offer a wide range of features, even the option of turning any room into a spa simply by request of the customer!

  • The pool villas at Six Senses Hideaway Zighy Bay effectively blur the line between the inside of the luxurious room and the beautiful outdoors with lots of large sliding windows and outdoor living spaces. The minimalistic design approach is evident everywhere you turn at this amazing resort. The finest suites at Six Senses Hideaway Zighy Bay feature copper bathtubs, private gyms, wine cellar, and private infinity swimming pool.

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