$2.6m LEED-Certified New York Condo

$2.6m LEED-Certified New York Condo

2003493210398672798_rs.jpgImage from Extell Development

The building, which is called “The Lucida”, claims to offer 26 points to smarter living on their website; I’ll point out that while the website is mostly what you would imagine–fluff–that LEED certification is darn hard to obtain, and very worthwhile. The commercial guidelines are available here, if you’re interested.

Aside from going green, though, this building is really, really, really nice– I would imagine as a function of being able to afford building up to LEED standards in New York– they have a La Palestra heath club on site, offer a wine cellar, every condo has marble and oak floors with ten-foot ceilings… I mean, I have a ten-foot ceiling, too, but my carpet is probably the same age as I am.

In any event, I’m impressed, and also realize that this is probably the future of the environmental movement– as much as it’s people like you and I cutting back, it’ll be moving up the market and expansion of “greenwashing” that will truly expand the capacity to create change. Anyway, if you’re in New York, and have $2.6 Million, it might be worth a look.