20 Most Creative Environmental Ads

20 Most Creative Environmental Ads

  • Image: ACT Responsible

    All images via ACT Responsible.

    Like it or not, we’re bombarded with advertisements from companies encouraging us to purchase the latest and greatest products they have to offer each and everyday. Slick magazine ads and TV commercials feature great photography, memorable taglines, models and more to lead us into temptation.

    More recently, some of that advertising space has been filled with a different kind of message created by ad agencies who’ve teamed up with environmental groups, government and others to ask us to buy into something else: the protection of the planet. Whether or not you think these ads make us think and act differently, one thing’s for sure – it’s nice to see some socially responsible ads out there! Read on, and you’ll discover 20 awesomely creative environmental ads from around the world.

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  • Image: ACT Responsible

    1. Face for Green Korea United

    Agency: Daehong Communications
    Campaign Name: Rescue us
    Tagline: We are drowning. Rescue us from global warming.
    Produced in South Korea.

    A powerful ad showing that rising sea levels directly impact humans. The companion ad in this campaign depicts an island in the shape of a hand, slowly being overtaken by the sea.

  • Image: ACT Responsible

    2. Swimming Pool for Regional Environmental Awareness

    Agency: Naga DDB Malaysia
    Produced in Malaysia.

    Swimming pool is a really cool ad where a city’s skyline is completely immersed in water. The writing on the wall: “Don’t let this be our future. Save our rainforest, stop global warming.”

  • Image: ACT Responsible

    3. Industrial Pollution for China Environmental Protection Foundation

    Campaign Name: Shan Shui
    Agency: JWT
    Produced in China.

    A familiar style of Chinese painting called “Shan Shui” – literally “mountain-water” – where artists depict spectacular natural vistas for viewers’ admiration is updated for the reality of the 21st century; a closer inspection of Industrial Revolution reveals “mountains” of high-rise buildings, endless hydro towers and a set of highways. The set of three ads also includes beautiful “paintings” of Global Warming and Automotive Pollution.

  • Image: ACT Responsible

    4. Lady for Evergreen

    Campaign Name: Be the root
    Tagline: Be the root. Nature in the city begins with all of us. The harder you try, the more it will thrive. We need your help.
    Agency: ZiG Inc.
    Produced in Canada.

    Putting down your roots has new meaning in this ad that urges us to bring nature back to the city.

  • Image: ACT Responsible

    5. Green Song for MTV

    Agency: 180 Amsterdam
    Produced in the Netherlands

    A catchy tune and colourful graphics makes this a memorable ad for the MTV generation.

  • Image: ACT Responsible

    6. Ice for WWF

    Campaign Name: Light On
    Tagline: When you leave the light on, you are not the only one who pays.
    Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
    Produced in the Ukraine.

    This is a cool series of three ads where nature’s flora and fauna are represented in wallpaper you might find in a child’s bedroom. Ice features cute polar bears and penguins floating on small ice floes.

  • Image: ACT Responsible

    7. Dolphin for Veolia Environnement

    Campaign Name: Veolia Environnement 2009
    Tagline: The environment is an industrial challenge
    Agency: BETC Euro RSCG
    Produced in France.

    Dolphin is one of six print ads in the 2009 Veolia Environnement campaign. All feature aerial views of sprawling cities with a strategically placed animal or plant image embedded in the city-scape to create a thought-provoking series of ads.

  • Image: ACT Responsible

    8. Sand Specimen for Khaleej Times

    Tagline: On average 50 to 100 feet of beach is lost for every foot of sea-level rise. How long before land disappears all together? You decide. Help stop global warming.
    Agency: Percept Gulf
    Produced in the Unite Arab Emirates.

    This picture, called Sand Specimen, shows a little bit of sand stored in a jar, and reminds us of those old museum specimens of extinct species.

  • Image: ACT Responsible

    9. Revenge for Cencosud

    Tagline: Bring Your Bag.
    Agency: Kepel & Mata
    Produced in Argentina.

    This is a great video to remind us to bring our own bags to the store. A bit Lion King-ish, but that’s not a bad thing! Translated, the text at the end of the video reads: “We’re all innocent. We’re all guilty. Plastic bags destroy the environment. Bring your bag.”

  • Image: ACT Responsible

    10. Koala for DHKD

    Campaign Name: Nature preservation
    Tagline: The world needs more trees.
    Agency: DDB&Co.
    Produced in Turkey.

    Look closely and you’ll see that each inch of the tree trunk is covered in koala bears: it’s the only tree they can find!

  • Image: ACT Responsible

    11. Air Conditioners for Columbia Sportswear Company

    Tagline: The air cooling your home is heating the world.
    Agency: Prolam/Y&R S.A.
    Produced in Chile.

    From ACT’s website:
    “Columbia Sportswear Company has sponsored a warning to Santiago residents with an outdoor advertisement challenging the use of air conditioners. A banner held against an apartment block wall shows a man and his child struggling to cope in a flood. Air conditioning units project through the art work. ‘El aire que enfria tu hogar. Calienta el mundo’ is translated in English as ‘The air cooling your home is heating the world.’”

  • Image: ACT Responsible

    12. City Again Forest for Greenpeace

    Tagline: Forests for life
    Agency: Beijing Dentsu Advertising Co., Ltd.
    Produced in China.

    Our furry friends have been pushed to the brink of a cliff (read: extinction) in the war between animals and the machines (powered by us humans) in this ad, called City Again Forest.

  • Image: ACT Responsible

    13. The dying screensaver for Red Sea Coral Rescue Team

    Agency: Shimoni Finkelstein DraftFCB
    Produced in Isreal.

    The text in the 2nd screen in The dying screensaver ad says, “Beauty doesn’t last forever. Only 30% of the red coral sea reef is still alive. Please help protect it. www.redsearescue.org” It’s an interesting take on those pretty desktop aquariums that pop up when computers are left idle; imagine if that aquarium imitated what was really happening in the real world? It wouldn’t be a pretty sight.

  • Image: ACT Responsible

    14. Agbar desert for Aig├╝es de Barcelona

    Tagline: Our water is thirsty.
    Agency: road
    Produced in Spain.

    Instead of green roofs, here’s a cracked, dry land called Agbar desert sitting atop an urban landscape. It’s not a nice sight at all.

  • Image: ACT Responsible

    15. Treebike for Livegreentoronto

    Tagline: Resources. Tips. Debates. Live Green at Toronto.
    Agency: Agency59
    Produced in Canada.

    The City of Toronto’s Live Green Toronto program is a five-year, $20-million initiative that aims to promote and support actions at the local level to reduce emissions, clean the air and protect the climate. Represented by the Treebike here, the program includes community animators who help people find information, link them to environmental groups and cash in on rebates – all to reach Toronto’s target of an 80 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

  • Image: ACT Responsible

    16. Printer for Trees for Africa

    Tagline: Think before you print
    Agency: Lowe Bull
    Produced in South Africa.

    A pretty neat ad that brings the message home about the impact that printing reams of paper has on the African forest.

  • Image: ACT Responsible

    17. Sea for Biocorner

    Campaign Name: Protect our colors
    Tagline: Protect our colors
    Agency: Air
    Produced in Belgium.

    This side-by-side comparison of a colourful sea and murky waters packs a real punch.

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