5 Amazing Nature Photos

5 Amazing Nature Photos

Photo: Rob Berdan

The five images shown here are the work of Rob Berdan. Rob Berdan takes nature photographs that stand out for their visual appeal, as well as their representation of nature and its beauty, which so often goes unseen.

God Rays (above), taken in Millerville, Alberta, exhibits an amazing effect. The contrast between light and dark along with the visual impact of the sun shining through the trees makes this photo one to be truly admired.

Sunrise Buck LakePhoto: Rob Berdan

Sunrise, taken at Buck Lake, Alberta, is featured here for its beautiful colors. It also offers a beautiful glimpse of what it is like to be a photographer as the man in the picture braves an old dock to get the perfect photo.

Tonquin ValleyPhoto: Rob Berdan

This next photo, taken in Tonquin Valley, Alberta, exhibits both amazing composition and colors. The combination of the sunset and the crystal clear, glass-like water makes this a truly exceptional image. The mountains in the background and their reflection in the water complete the piece perfectly.

Eagle In Snow SquallPhoto: Rob Berdan

Eagle in a Snow Squall (above), taken in Banff, Alberta, and Eagle in the Mist (below), taken in British Columbia (below), were both chosen for this post because of their great composition. Rob Berdan captured two eagles in two separate parts of Canada, but makes it seem like they were taken moments apart.

Eagle In The MistPhoto: Rob Berdan

To see more of Rob Berdan’s work, visit his website.