5 Incredible Treehouses

  • Does the thought of a tree house still invoke that nostalgic feeling in you? Well, imagine if you grew up playing in these tree houses.

  • These orb-like wonders were crafted by the likes of Free Spirit Spheres. Each sphere is unique and made of wood, fiberglass or a combination of the two. Some even have heating and plumbing! Each one takes about three days to install, but can be cleared away in just a day. Could you imagine this being your childhood treehouse? You definitely would have been the cool kid on the block. Maybe next time you have upwards of $150,000, you can pop for one yourself! If not, you can rent a sphere for a one night stay on Vancouver Island, where the company is based.

  •  Bauraum is a Germany-based treehouse company. They take several things into consideration when creating a treehouse including type of trees, height from the ground, how much open space is available and obviously what the client specifications are.

  • The prices of these cool tree houses by Bauraum vary and usually range between 40,00-150,00 Euro.

  • This bad boy is 97 feet tall! It is supported by an 80 foot white oak and braced by six other surrounding trees. The builder, Horace Burgess, took a religious approach when building this phenomenal work of art, saying: I built it for everybody. It’s God’s treehouse. He keeps watch over it.” It has a whopping ten floors! Although never measured, it is estimated to be between 8,000-10,000 square feet. As of 2007, Burgess was 14 years into his construction and still unfinished. No word as to whether he has wrapped up production yet.

  • Ever begged your mom to let you have your lunch in the treehouse instead of the kitchen table? Then this would be your dream come true. A restaurant in the trees!

  • This treehouse was designed by a New Zealand-based company that is equivalent to the U.S.’s Yellow Pages. The challenge was to create a restaurant using only the resources available through the company’s directory. More information about this tree-clad eatery is available here.

  • Don’t notice anything out of the ordinary? That’s because this treehouse was built by Tham & Videgard to appear “invisible”. If not invisible, it definitely blends almost seamlessly with its surroundings. Constructed using mirrored glass, this is not only a treehouse, but a swank hotel. It is said to have a sleeping and living area as well as a kitchen and terrace! The only minor design flaw (as pointed out by Dvice.com)? The lack of a ladder makes it a little difficult to get into!

    Whether it’s a hut built by dad in the backyard or a $90,000 sphere in the sky, treehouses are appreciated and enjoyed by all ages across the globe.

Scribol Staff
Art and Design