Architects Who Had Breasts on their Mind

Architects Who Had Breasts on their Mind

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    The article was proving hard to get to grips with. Fingers cramped from repeated clicking, retinas burned by pixels formed into many shapes and sizes, brain fried from over stimulation, the lonely writer laboured on, all but spent. Image search after image search was yielding many a distraction or two, but the deadline was looming larger still. It was too late to shirk from the knockers now.

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    Everywhere I look something reminds me of her…

    It’s a classic scene in the gag-a-minute gag-athon that is the Naked Gun movie series. Anyone who has had the pleasure of this cinematic landmark won’t need any prompting. Police Lt. Frank Drebin, reminiscing about his ex-wife, delivers the unforgettable line, “Everywhere I look something reminds me of her”, as some uncannily bosom-like structures drift past outside the car window.

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    1. Southern California’s finest…

    Beyond the silver screen, these buildings belong to San Onofre Nuclear power station, which provides almost a fifth of the electrical power to Southern California’s residents. Maybe it’s no accident that the design of these strappingly spherical beauties have a comforting quality, given that they protect the environment as containment buildings – notable by their absence from the reactors at Chernobyl. Apparently, and with more than a tanning oil-sized glob of irony, the power plant is also within peeping distance of a nudist beech. Someone got inspired somewhere.

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    2. New York City’s…

    The next scrumptiously curved objects before you are like the East Coast objecting to people wishing they all could be Californian girls. Yet despite their appearance and a name evocative of Easter chocolates, these things become somewhat less appetising when you find out what they actually are. Nestled in Brooklyn the “digestion eggs” are key to treating NYC’s sewage, since through a process called anaerobic digestion they reduce the volume of sludge almost in half. You can even take a look at what’s going on by riding up the elevator. Yummy.

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    3. Canadian Moose hatcheries…

    More in the realm of agriculture than public services, this next pair of buildings takes us into Canada’s bosom. They’re so-called moose hatcheries, but since moose don’t lay eggs, the name is clearly a misnomer and these structures are meant for something else entirely. The truth is, these pointy specimens are storage buildings for sand and salt, used especially further north to keep the roads drivable when it’s snowy. Perhaps the hatcheries are meant to inspire feelings of warmth when it’s cold, though strangely it seems they rarely appear in twos.

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    4. Greek Cycladean sights…

    Shifting our gaze from the new world to the old, we present a less than devout perspective on a church on the Greek Cycladean island of Sifnos. We’re pretty sure this place of worship wasn’t intended to be so fulsomely suggestive or to provide such a feast for the eyes, but from where we’re sitting a feast for the eyes it does most certainly provide.

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    5. Busted in Egypt…

    This pink-coloured set of domes protruding from a home in Egypt seems to form a sort of bust for the viewer’s amused predilection, and makes you wonder how many other examples of Middle Eastern architecture might offer a similar surprise. A stroll through the gardens was suddenly enlivened when, upon looking up, a strangely alluring sight befell the observer’s eyes…

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