Buildings Have Faces Too!

Modern buildingPhoto:
Image: DK Pugh

Don’t you love it when you find beauty in places you least expect it? Like seeing a smiley face on a grey, dreary day? Around the world, people find buildings with faces in their neighbourhood and attribute human characteristics to them. The following pictures prove that some buildings truly have character.

Don’t miss the torn paper teeth of this cute building face in Fremantle, Australia:
Building in Fremantle, AustraliaPhoto:
Image: Gemma Longman

Sometimes, facing a brick wall is not so bad:
Round-eyed brick wallPhoto:
Image: rtaibah

This grey building in Yokohama, Japan sure has a toothy smile:
Toothy smile, YokohamaPhoto:
Image: Ishikawa Ken

A solemn building face, graciously making way in Heidelberg, Germany:
Building in Heidelberg, GermanyPhoto:
Image: Lauren Manning

Did anyone say Tetris? A building face-ade in Albuquerque, NM:
Tetris-like facade in AlbuquerquePhoto:
Image: Eric

A startled building in Singapore:
Startled in SingaporePhoto:
Image: Tim Parkinson

Found in Japan – turquoise hair, differently coloured, raised eyebrows and cheek piercings – this can only be a modern building face:
Modern buildingPhoto:
Image: DK Pugh

Speaking of modern, a Picasso-style building face in Madison, WI:
Madison, WIPhoto:
Image: David Drexler

Doesn’t the entrance of this movie theatre look very welcoming?
Movie theatre entrancePhoto:
Image via Cool optical illusions

This building face in Cleveland, TX has seen better times but it’s the only one on stilts!
Building in Cleveland, TXPhoto:
Image: Patrick Feller

Making eyes at you:
Lit up buildingPhoto:
Image: Clyde Robinson

An ancient building face with one raised eyebrow in Jordan:
Stone house in JordanPhoto:
Image: Shannon Hobbs

Sometimes, the devil, er, face is in the details. This one at Washington DC’s Department of Justice building seems to have a beak:
Building in DCPhoto:
Image: Mr. T in DC

Sleepy, yet stylish, upside-down living room wall face with a chandelier moustache:
wall facePhoto:
Image: nabger

An elevator face in Amsterdam:
Elevator facePhoto:
Image: Michell Zappa

Is this building in Paris cheating, hiding or simply double-faced?
Building in ParisPhoto:
Image: Will Lord

We’ll even throw in a free album.