Camouflage House 3

Camouflage house by Hiroshi IguchiPhoto:
All images by Alessio Guarino via Trendir

Immerse yourself in nature while enjoying all the comforts of a modern home with Hiroshi Iguchi’s “Camouflage House 3.” Fondly referred to as the “greenhouse house,” this sustainably designed building is not only beautiful, it gives you the chance to live a wonderful life inside your very own greenhouse. Live here, and you’ll never want for greenery again, because you’ll have Mother Nature as your roommate.

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Iguchi’s greenhouse house was designed as part of the architect’s Fifth World project, which promotes eco-friendly and sustainable architecture. The house certainly seems to speak to the traditional Japanese way of life, which is influenced by Shintoism. The Shinto philosophy encouraged respect for nature and a close relationship where people sought to be one with nature.

Working outside the housePhoto:

The living area is intelligently designed around plant real estate in Iguchi’s house, where trees grow in the open air and mingle with the forest surrounding the house. And all natural, eco-friendly materials are used for the home’s interior; combined with lightweight, transparent Japanese screens and minimal furniture, an open and airy space is created that allows for views of nature at every step.

Inside view of housePhoto:

Living in a glass house does have a few drawbacks, like heat and harmful rays from the sun; this is counteracted by using white canvas shields that still let light through.

Zen garden in the housePhoto:

Still stressed? You might like taking your midday meal in this dining area, situated in what looks like a relaxing Zen rock garden.

House in harmony with naturePhoto:

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