Floating Solar House by Kingsley Architects

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Cross-country road trips could become a thing of the past if the designers at Kingsley Architects have anything to say about it. The UK firm’s modern twist on the camper van has resulted in a compact, earth-friendly floating home that efficiently uses the sun’s rays as its power source. Melting glaciers or not, owners can rest assured that the SolarHome will provide shelter enough to survive on the water for up to a year at a time in Self Sufficient Mode. The home is also designed with the option to dock in a mobile floating home community (just like a park for camper vans) outfitted with infrastructure for power, fresh water and sewage treatment.

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Designed with nature in mind, the SolarHome is just one example of how Kingsley Architects are dedicated to upholding sustainable and energy efficient practices in their work:

“At MKA we instinctively address sustainability and energy efficiency ensuring our designs are climate responsive not climate rejecting. We take time to ensure that clients and members of the design team understand what is meant by the terms ‘Sustainable’ and ‘Energy Efficient’ and that these objectives are benchmarked against current best practice and British / EU standards.”

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The SolarHome allows for ample views of the surrounding environment from almost anywhere within its small, 75 square metre frame. The little house on the water features an open-air kitchen/living area and enclosed sleeping areas in the back.

SolarHome frontPhoto:

Interested in living in one of these? The proposed prototype mobile floating home community would be located in the Lusatian Lakelands in Germany.

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