The Amazing Star-Shaped City of the Future



You’d be forgiven in thinking that MAD architects really have gone mad but, actually, they’re not just sane, they’re total creative geniuses. They have just revealed designs for a new-state-of-the-art Chinatown which will not only change how people view the normally crammed, restaurant-laden parts of town, but will lead us into a new age of mobile cities akin to those associated with the imaginings of Isaac Asimov and Philip K Dick.

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Chinese architect firm MAD unveiled their radical design at this year’s Venice Biennale of Architecture, an exhibition held every even year in the city. Already nicknamed ‘Superstar’, the movable city is the phenomenal concept based on the more traditional Chinatowns of the likes of London and San Francisco.

Expected to hold 15,000 people, the completely sustainable space age creation will generate its own energy and recycle waste without having to litter host cities. It will also include health resorts, gyms, freshwater lakes and a digital cemetery to remember the dead (although they haven’t revealed what they’ll do with the actual bodies as yet).

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MAD’s architects said:

“The old China Town is a historical theme park that poisons the urban space. There must be a shock therapy to remedy this situation.”

“Superstar: A Mobile China Town is MAD’s response to the redundant and increasingly out-of-date nature of the contemporary Chinatown. Rather than a sloppy patchwork of poor construction and nostalgia, the Superstar is a fully integrated, coherent, and above all modern upgrade of the 20th century Chinatown model. It’s a place to enjoy, to consume Chinese food, quality goods and cultural events; it’s a place to create and to produce, where citizens can use workshops to study, design and realize their ideas.”

superstar in dubaiPhoto:

Let’s hope MAD don’t stop with re-designing Chinatown, we want lots of these cities, or at least a floating mobile home of our own. Ahhh, one can only dream.

Thanks to MAD for all images.

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