18 Incredible Umbrella Art Installations From Around The World

Umbrella lighting installationPhoto:
Image via Inhabitat

Spring has sprung, and so have all the umbrellas! Our good friends over at Crooked Brains wrote an article about colourful umbrella art; we were so inspired that we compiled our own list of 18 examples of wonderful umbrella art to help you get through those dark, dreary days when the sun just doesn’t want to show up.

After taking a look at these, you might think twice about shoving your umbrella in the nearest trash the next time it buckles in the wind, and pass it on to your friendly neighbourhood artist instead. Who knows, your umbrella could be re-purposed into a new and wonderful art piece to rival the ones shown here.

Parasol Project at nightPhoto:
Image: photine

1. Umbrella house in Houston

The “Parasol Project” by Jo Ann Fleischhauer is a spectacular installation with a deeper meaning: the artist chose to contrast how emotions are portrayed in modern times versus the Victorian Era. The images on the parasols, which mimic floral designs, are actually colour-infused Magnetic Resonance Images (MRIs) – contemporary emotional representations – while the parasols themselves represent the desires of women in Victorian times, who used parasols to convey unspoken emotions to men.