20 Incredible Photographs of Fireworks Reflected in Water

Image: Simon Robshaw

Fireworks reflection at the British Musical Fireworks Championship in Southport, England

All images are copyrighted and used with permission of their photographers.

Whatever the occasion – be it New Year’s Eve, the 4th of July, the Olympics, or simply a summer festival – there’s nothing quite like a good fireworks display to brighten up the celebrations. Now just imagine these popular pyrotechnic displays reflected in a body of water like a lake for added effect! But of course you don’t have to imagine… We’ve found 20 incredible examples of dazzling firework reflections. Double the fun!

Image: Miroslav Petrasko

Here, we’ve got some stunning firework displays over lake Kuchajda in Bratislava, Slovakia. Don’t the three fireworks in the front look like giant sparklers? And their reflection is near perfect. Fireworks, incidentally, were invented in China as far back as the 7th century. Even today, China is the world’s largest fireworks manufacturer and exporter.