Taming the Sun


Perfect kick
Image: Rama V.

Playing with fire is an art only few have mastered. Most of us have to resort to more harmless entertainment instead. The setting sun has illuminated many a mind the world over, and voila – sunball was born. As you will see, the rules are simple and all you need is a bit of luck, a good eye and patience. And if the following incredible images inspire you to play sunball yourself, don’t forget – practice makes perfect!

Karate chop that fireball:
Image: Umberto Salvagnin

Beach volleyball – catch, hold and throw:
Hold the ballPhoto:
Image: Jeff McNeil

Waiting to start the rhythmic gymnastics routine:
Like rhythmic gymnasticsPhoto:
Image via mastriana

A chiseled black-and-white dancer reaching for the sky:
Image: Glendon Heath

Would you believe that a version of sunball was already played in ancient Mesoamerica? Well, if not quite as portrayed here, the Maya and other pre-Columbian peoples played a game similar to our racquetball or volleyball. Their version symbolised the struggle between day and night and major formal ballgames had a high ritualistic significance. One player of the losing team was often sacrificed to appease the gods, his death representing the death of the sun, which was then reborn. Hm, we’d rather stick with the more harmless variant.

Got it! If Federer will give me an autograph?
Catching the sunPhoto:
Image: Von Fromdiphils

Where’s the basket?
Image via impactlab

Ah, here. Slam dunk:
Image: simply a photographer

Then there are those who simply like to horse around:
Eating sunPhoto:
Image via impactlab

Reach for the sun but don’t burn your hand!
Reach for the starsPhoto:
Image: jam343

And what better way to end our sun chase then with the opening lyrics of the Beatles’ classic “I’ll Follow the Sun”? Here it is – now hum along:

One day you’ll look to see I’ve gone
For tomorrow may rain, so I’ll follow the sun
Some day you’ll know I was the one
But tomorrow may rain, so I’ll follow the sun

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We’ll even throw in a free album.