The Largest Crab on Earth

Image: via themanyfacesofspaces

We have to admit, it took us a while to get over this first image. We sure hope that guy wasn’t ticklish. Or at least had very thick skin.

As the world’s largest land-living arthropod at up to 6 feet and 30 pounds, there’s no way one could ignore this remarkable crab. As the name implies, the life of a typical coconut crab revolves around just that – nuts! When young, they use the shells as temporary protection; later the coconut husk as bedding. And they love to crack the coconuts with their strong pincers to get to the delicacy inside.

Image: whologwhy

Beautiful coconut crab specimen

Like 95% of all animal species, the coconut crab (Birgus latro) belongs to the invertebrates, and together with insects, arachnids and other crustaceans, makes up the division of arthropods. So far, so good and not very unusual. However, it is also the largest land-living arthropod in the world.