Dead Flies Circus

  • Racing

    Playing with dead insects is something we’d normally deem excusable in children but slightly weird in adults. Not necessarily so when you consider the work of Swedish photographer Magnus Muhr, who takes the carcasses of dead flies, lays them on paper and imbues them with new life through a few strokes of his pencil.

  • Peeing

    Never has the gap between man and arthropod been smaller, as flies swap six limbs for four, and engage in all kinds of human activities – from peeing and sunbathing to dining and gymnastics.

  • Sunbathing

    Photographer Magnus Muhr is 39 and lives in the small Swedish town of Karlsoga. He works as a carer for the mentally ill, but still finds free time and inspiration to be a photographer.

  • Horse riding

    Muhr’s portfolio ranges from nudes and portraits to landscapes and nature. He regards his dead fly photography as his humorous work.

  • Acrobatics

    Some might call it strange, but we just call it a minimalist yet über-imaginative and horribly funny example of the art of recycling.

  • Diving

    Don’t you agree this is one fly artist? We just wish we could have been a fly on the wall when he was coming up with this stuff. Sorry. On with the art.

  • Toilet queuing

    Well, we’ve all been there…

  • Dining

    Apparently the conversation above reads something like this:
    “Was it good?”
    “Mmm… You really succeeded with this, Britta… It tastes like shit!”

  • Tête à tête

    According to one translation:
    “Are you bi-sexual?” (bi = bee in Swedish)

  • Fly in boots

    Translation: “It’s the latest craze” (fluga = fly and craze in Swedish)

  • Pyramid stunt

    “Guys, I have to sneeze”

  • Gymnastics

    They seem so alive.

  • Holding hands

    Is the moth giving the fly a helping hand to cross the road?

  • Long legs

    More circus antics? Stilt wearing perhaps?

  • Wouldn’t like to say

    We were tipped off about Magnus Muhr by Acid Cow. Extra translation help from here. Muchos.

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Karl Fabricius
Karl Fabricius
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