Howies’ Fight To Turn Off Their Lights

We’ve mentioned howies before, and we hope to go on mentioning them, as they once again continue to come up with innovative and sustainable solutions to daily problems.


After opening their shop on Carnaby Street less than two months ago, they are tackling the problem of their lights. It’s been a small mystery here as to why shops continue to have their lights on after everyone has gone home. Not only wasting bucket loads of energy (London saved 380 tonnes of CO2 in 1 hour by taking part in Lights Out London), but also flying in the face of the global effort to reduce carbon emissions. Apparently, it is in howies’ tenancy agreement (and all those who reside on Carnaby Street) that they must keep their shop lights on 24 hours a day – ‘absurd’ we cry.

In order tackle this problem, howies first put a light switch outside their shop, so if a curious passer-by wanted to have a look in the shop at night, all he need do is to press the switch. A light would come on for 30 seconds illuminating the contents of the shop, and thereby relieving the potential customer’s inquisitive mind.

This solution failed, as the landlord put his heavy boot down, so instead of giving up, howies have now teamed up with These guys have kindly sent howies a load of LED light to use instead of the 35W halogens they currently use (LED lights only use 0.49W of energy). And whilst this isn’t an ideal solution, they are also looking into solar energy to power the night lights and thereby not emitting any CO2.

A big slap on the back for howies’ commitment to us.

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