Incredible Urban Guerrilla Art Using Snails

Inner City SnailPhoto: Slinkachu

“Inner City Snail” is an art project by guerrilla artist Slinkachu, found in or around London. By decorating the shells of snails found around the city and then allowing them to continue with their normal sluggishly slimy snail business, he hopes to provide a satire of not only street art but the compulsive human tendency of covering every available surface with signage or advertising.

Another of Slinkachu's Inner City Snails.Photo: Slinkachu

Similar to Slinkachu’s other popular installation/photography project “Little People” in which he remodeled and painted miniature model train set characters,on he aims to reflect the overwhelming sense of universal loneliness that living in a large city tends to instill in its citizens. Often living in a big city or even looking up at the stars can make one feel incredibly lonely and small. Despite our relative largeness to the other animals we share the earth with, this is still a natural human emotion we have all experienced from time to time.

Slinkachu's Tagged Inner City SnailPhoto: Slinkachu

With “Inner City Snail”, Slinkachu is doing his part to make people pay more attention to their surroundings. What a pleasant surprise to stumble across one of these stylish snails on your long walk to the tube or work! After all, it’s much more engaging than the liter, cigarette butts and discarded advertising that usually accompanies us on our lonely travels through some of the world’s most populated cities.

Illegally Parked Inner City SnailPhoto: Slinkachu

All of the artwork and photography featured in this article were obtained from Slinkachu’s personal blog with his permission.