Los Angeles’ Street Art Philosophy

Love+Is+All+You+NeedPhoto: Peter+Booth

Most cities have their own culture of graffiti artists. Like most major metropolitan areas, Los Angeles supports an intense diversity between her endless neighborhoods; each area with their own distinct sub-culture.

On+The+RunPhoto: Peter+Booth

DedicatedPhoto: Peter+Booth

Cap+ThisPhoto: Peter+Booth

I’ve been collecting graffiti photos for the last couple of years, and this collection of quotes combine to make a philosophy of thought. If you take a moment to see all these photos together, you might start to gain a deeper understand how these urban social commentators think.




End+The+ViolencePhoto: Peter+Booth

You+Gonna+PayPhoto: Peter+Booth

Learn+Your+PlacePhoto: Peter+Booth

HatersPhoto: Peter+Booth

Makin+Art+EasyPhoto: Peter+Booth

Dumpin+On+MePhoto: Peter+Booth

SnitchezPhoto: Peter+Booth

Life+LifePhoto: Peter+Booth

More+HitsPhoto: Peter+Booth

Third+EyePhoto: Peter+Booth

If+YouPhoto: Peter+Booth

Adicted+2+FreedomPhoto: Peter+Booth

Party+All+The+TimePhoto: Peter+Booth

Fear+My+KrewPhoto: Peter+Booth

Passion+of+the+ArtPhoto: Peter+Booth

Sorry+About+The+DriftsPhoto: Peter+Booth

Waiting+to+PaintPhoto: Peter+Booth

Stock+TippinPhoto: Peter+Booth

Life+SucksPhoto: Peter+Booth

Take+Them+Pills+BoyPhoto: Peter+Booth

Thick+LinesPhoto: Peter+Booth

APhoto: Peter+Booth

SympathyPhoto: Peter+Booth

DestroyPhoto: Peter+Booth

Thoughtless+ActionsPhoto: Peter+Booth

Dedicated+To+The+LadiesPhoto: Peter+Booth

 Achieve+A+GoalPhoto: Peter+Booth

People+I+HatePhoto: Peter+Booth

Who+You+ArePhoto: Peter+Booth

MoralsPhoto: Peter+Booth

Ill+Kill+YouPhoto: Peter+Booth