Ice Baby, Ice! Used Instead of Air Con For Skyscrapers!

Some skyscrapers in New York have found a cool new alternative to air conditioning. The buildings are keeping cool by using ice, instead of the traditional AC.

New York Skyline. Ice, an alternative to air conditioning by Environmental Graffiti, aUK-based Environmental Blog

Ice cooling cuts down on pollution and costs. By not using AC, many skyscrapers in New York are fighting global warming. Officials say replacing traditional air conditioners with ice cooling in one Manhattan office is as good as taking about 220 cars off the road.

How It Works:

• At night, when power demands are low, water is frozen in large silver tanks.

• The cool air emanating from the blocks is piped throughout the building.

• At night the water is frozen again, and the process repeated.

Simmons blogs at Thoughts on the World and Thoughts on Global Warming. He can be reached at [email protected]