Living Bath Mat Feeds Off You and Your Bath Water


Moss bathroom mat closeupPhoto:
Image via La Chanh Nguyen

Here’s a fresh take on a bathroom accessory that will bring a smile to your face each time you step out of the shower: a moss-laden rug to cradle your newly scrubbed feet and transport you to the great outdoors.

Aside from its ability to liven up any old shower space, the Moss Carpet also gets major bonus points for being a wonderfully low-maintenance addition to your loo that features a non-slip grip and resistance to mold. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about washing it!

Moss bathroom matPhoto:
Image via Yanko Design

Created by Switzerland-based industrial designer La Chanh Nguyen, the small indoor greenspace features three types of live green mosses – ball moss, island moss and forest moss – that grow in individual “cells” of plastazote, a decay-free foam. This lovely little bathmat can even thrive under the dubious care of the green-thumb challenged: mosses flourish in damp, humid places, making bathrooms ideal homes for these comfy carpets.

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