Incredible Makeup Art Turns Eyelids into Storybook Scenes

  • “The Land of Tears” is inspired by The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

    The eyes may be the window to the soul, but as these stunning creations by makeup artist Tal Peleg demonstrate, they can also be canvases for the imagination. Who would have guessed that the tiny space between the eyelashes and the eyebrow could support such fantastic works of art? Be warned, though: after seeing what Peleg can accomplish, a dab of eyeshadow and a swipe of mascara may never seem adequate again.

  • “The Princess and the Pea,” featuring a giant green “pea”

    This eye design was inspired by the story of The Princess and the Pea, and as with Peleg’s other artworks, it looks more like a colorful storybook illustration than makeup. “I remember painting since I was able to hold a paintbrush,” Peleg says on her blog. Not surprisingly, she studied painting, illustration and design as well as makeup. “I’m glad that I have the opportunity to integrate these disciplines together,” Peleg says, “because I’m really having a hard time choosing between them.”

  • A princess and a frog pucker up.

    Fairytales are a common theme in Peleg’s designs. Here, we see a scene inspired by the story of “The Frog Prince.” The detail in this is incredible: the eyebrow has been cleverly incorporated into the piece as the princess’ hair, while the tiny frog’s lips are pouting for a kiss.

  • “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” adds a Christmassy touch.

    “It all started a few years ago when I noticed my slender painting brushes, used for painting in acrylic and oil, seemed perfect for drawing eyeliner,” Peleg says. “On canvas, I always managed to draw solid lines very thin and precise. So I went to work, got a new acrylic brush, cleaned it well and sterilized it (as I do with any new makeup brush) – and used it like an eyeliner brush.” In her paintings, Peleg uses a variety of different eyeshadows in a range of colors and textures. Here, she has even colored the lower lashes in blue, for a cool, frosty effect.

  • One for the cat lovers

    This playful design comes from Peleg’s love of black cats. With the eyebrow incorporated into the tail, the shape of the cat curving around the eyelid looks really elegant, while the little ball of yarn adds a clever finishing touch. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Peleg reports that this is one of her more popular pieces.

  • Cinderella flees the ball wearing her glittering gown.

    Here, storybook favorite Cinderella makes an appearance, seen rushing away as the clock approaches midnight. Her glass slipper has been painted on the left, while real sequins have been added to the lid to give the whole scene some extra sparkle. Although these designs are beautiful, the drawback to wearing them in public is that you would need to be comfortable with people constantly gazing at your eyes.

  • Anne Frank features in one of Peleg’s more poignant designs.

    Not all Peleg’s subjects are entirely whimsical or fairytale-inspired. This particular piece shows Anne Frank. Peleg is something of a history buff and enjoys reading about characters from the past. She admits that she did have doubts about the appropriateness of using such a serious and tragic figure on an eye design but then adds, “I think there are some things that should be honored and remembered not only on memorial days… and makeup is my own way of doing so.”

  • “Insomnia” was created late at night when Peleg couldn’t sleep.

    This piece is called “Insomnia” and is one of our favorites. The artist created this line of fluffy white sheep on her own eyelid late one night when she was struggling to doze off. However, according to Peleg, shortly after painting the design she fell asleep – so maybe counting sheep at night does work!

  • “Heisenberg” is inspired by the alias of a certain popular TV character.

    Unlike most of the makeup designs here, this one requires a closed eye to work properly; if the eye is open, the effect is a little creepier. One of the cool things about Peleg’s artworks is the way she makes use of the natural features of the eye, and in this piece the eyelashes form the mustache. Peleg calls this design “Heisenberg” and describes it as a tribute to Breaking Bad. However, she then goes on to comment that it would perhaps be better named “Eyesenberg.”

  • Peleg says that this design is the most psychedelic she’s completed yet.

    Here’s a creation guaranteed to transport you back to childhood days of reading Dr. Seuss. Although there’s no specific character drawn here, the stripy tails with their colored puffs at the end are unmistakably Seuss-influenced. We think the beloved children’s author would have approved.

  • Snow White lies on a shimmery golden pillow.

    Snow White lies asleep across this eyelid, with the poisoned apple balanced on a black curl. As you may have noticed, princesses feature strongly in Peleg’s work. And if she weren’t already an in-demand makeup artist, we’re sure there would be a line of little girls wanting Peleg to paint their own Disney princesses on their eyelids.

  • “The Ugly Duckling” is still pretty cute.

    Two eyes are needed to give justice to this design, which is based on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ugly Duckling. On the one eye, there are four perfect yellow ducklings followed by their not-so-perfect adopted sibling. And on the other, Peleg has painted the beautiful swan into which the “ugly” baby bird transforms. According to the artist, she herself felt like an ugly duckling in school, but her confidence grew as she got older.

  • A Pink Floyd-inspired design

    A giant blue orb peers through a chink in the wall in this design, which was inspired by Pink Floyd’s The Wall. According to Peleg, this specific eye artwork required around an hour and a half of her time to create. Seeing the amount of care put into these pieces, we imagine they require a lot of patience on behalf of the artist and the model – especially if they are the same person. Peleg says that her partner stays away when she is crafting a design, because she needs everything to be quiet, without distractions.

  • ”The Moomins” under the moon

    The creatures having a starlit encounter on this eyelid are Moomins, the eponymous characters from the popular children’s books, comics and TV series. Still, it’s not necessary to have read the books or seen any of the programs to appreciate the charm of these cute hippo-like creatures – or the mastery of Peleg’s brushstrokes in creating the tiny roses around them.

  • Time for a snack

    Lastly, Peleg has her eye on her favorite food – or should we say her favorite food on her eye. In this piece, the artist has managed to recreate the shiny quality of dark green seaweed and grains of rice using only her trusty brushes and eyeshadows. A feast for the eyes, indeed! We thank Tal Peleg for sharing her designs and for reminding us that there are so many different ways of creating art.

Yohani Kamarudin
Yohani Kamarudin
Scribol Staff
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