The Amazing Science of Turning Carbon Dioxide into Concrete

West Burton Power StationPhoto: Richard Croft

A new technology exists that can turn CO2 into concrete and it’s here now. This green technology solution can eliminate 100% of the CO2 pollution produced by a coal plant and turn it into concrete.

Drax, North YorkshirePhoto: thewritingzone

Calera, a California start up, is one of the few companies at the forefront of this new green solution. The process, in a nutshell, takes the CO2 that would normally be pumped into the air and pumps it into sea water. Through “mineralization via aqueous precipitation”, the CO2 is turned into a substance that can replace Portland cement which is the key man made catalytic ingredient used to make concrete. So, instead of coal power plants pumping CO2 pollution into the air, perhaps they can create building materials!

Coal Waste ConcretePhoto: Science Daily

Calera’s technology is an example of green tech that can be implemented now to help solve one of man’s biggest pollution problems. Coal burning is not going away because it is and will remain one of the primary ways we create energy for decades to come. Solar, wind and ocean power are nice but limited and they will not now and likely will never provide all of our energy needs. We need solutions and this process could be the answer.