Mysterious Headless Corpses Found All Over London [pics]

  • An anonymous graffiti artist has been attacking London advertisements with a signature graffiti style. He or she has been gorily removing heads from well known advertisements such as this year’s blockbuster movie Sex and the City.

  • Kissing couples, beautiful models and aspiring celebs have all come under ‘the East London decapitator’s’ knife; their beautiful heads replaced by bony, blood drenched stumps. His artworks are defined by the media as culture jamming or sub-vertising, which Wikipedia describes as, ‘the practice of making spoofs or parodies of corporate and political advertisements in order to make a statement.’

  • Their appearance has been predominantly on fashion and film posters such as the recently tagged Uniqlo t-shirt campaign.

  • Many believe that the works are a ‘head’ start on tackling the visual bombardment of adverts that Londoners receive each day, Cities such as Sao Paolo, Brazil have already completely banned billboards in a campaign for a ‘New Clean City’, as a reaction against what many saw as outdoor advertising going too far.

  • As London’s streets continue to be overcrowded with adverts, more annoying celebrities’ heads will roll. ALL HAIL, THE DECAPITATOR!

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alex ingham
alex ingham
Scribol Staff
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