20 Then And Now Street Art Transformations That Will Make Your Jaw Hit The Floor

One man’s wall is another man’s canvas. And while pretentious cultured types may scoff, the basic appeal of street art is its ability to bypass stuffy galleries and communicate with everyday audiences directly. What, indeed, could be more satisfying than transforming a dull or neglected urban space into a vibrant, satisfying work of art? The following …

By Richard Arghiris

20 Times High School Seniors Transformed Their Parking Spots Into Awesome Works Of Art

While many people yearn for the simpler times of their youth, there are a lot of advantages to getting older. But before you hit the legal ages for drinking, voting and marrying, there’s one simple pleasure that high-school seniors can enjoy: driving. Of course, this introduces its own set of complications, such as where to park …

By Chris Wharfe

When You Find Out Who Created This Image And How He Did It, It’ll Blow Your Mind

Life isn’t always fair. Sometimes, for example, people face adversity in the form of illness. But how these people overcome those adversities can provide a source of inspiration and astonishment for others. Indeed, the extraordinary artist who created these superb works of art did so in the most remarkable manner. Paul Smith was born on September 21, …

By Caren Gibson

20 Awesomely Inked Disney/Pixar Tattoos That’ll Whisk You to a Magical World

If you think drawing flawless Disney and Pixar characters on paper is an artistic challenge, then try drawing them onto a moving piece of skin! That’s what these super-talented tattoo artists do for a living, and the results are truly amazing. In fact, it’s like these classic animated characters sprang fully formed out of their …

By Sarah Jones

These Incredibly Surreal Manipulated Photos Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Erik Johansson isn’t your average photographer. The Swede may not have received much professional training, but he’s managed to carve out a niche that’s making waves in the picture-taking world. Johansson doesn’t just snap photos; he visualizes concepts and ideas, combining the magic of Photoshop manipulation with a vivid imagination. His surreal creations will challenge …

By Charlie Gilbert