This Plus-Size Guy Is Smashing Stereotypes Of What Male Models Should Look Like

Standing 6’6” tall, sporting a 40-inch waist and weighing in at 275 lbs, Zach Miko isn’t what one typically pictures when one thinks “male model.” But with his sparkling blue eyes and teddy bear build, he’s putting a whole new spin on Blue Steel. Miko was the first to sign with modeling company IMG’s new Brawn …

By Ally McKenna

Meet the Plus-Size Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Who’s Blowing Minds

Ashley Graham isn’t your average model. From giving TED talks to launching her own clothing line, the Nebraskan nymph has brains as well as beauty. What makes her such a rarity in the modeling world, though, is that she’s a size 16. Since she gloriously graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition – …

By Chris Wharfe

This Dress Does Something Truly Incredible When You’re Turned On

Image: Studio Roosegaarde Picture the scene. You’re on a first date, and things are going well. The conversation – and the wine – is flowing, and you’re getting along great. But as you coyly glance at your date over the rim of your glass, something mortifying happens. Your dress has given the game away and …

By Suzi Marsh

20 Early 2000s Fashion Trends You Wish You Had Never Followed

Image: via Most Happy Like any decade, the 2000s had its fair share of style trends, and as with any decade, a fair few of them were terrible. Like these 20 fads: they may have been super-cool at the time, but in hindsight they make any right-minded individual want to burn every photo in which …

By Rachel England
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20 Unique Hairdos Guaranteed to Make You Go “Wow!”

Image: via Jokeroo The following 20 guys and girls have each taken hair customization to the furthest stretches of the imagination, and there’s no way that you could miss any of them in a crowd. For some, the results are not only unique, but also pretty spectacular. For others – like the man above – …

By Liam Kennedy

This Lingerie Model Without Legs Has a Story That’s Truly Inspiring

Image: Kanya Sesser/Instagram Kanya Sesser is a beautiful young model who is sometimes paid more than $1,000 a day for her incredible photoshoots. Yet this sporty-looking California girl is different from most other models out there. Image: Audrey Cleo/YouTube This gorgeous woman is a successful lingerie model. And while the kind of money that she …

By Clare Wiley

The 20 Most Vogue Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now

Image: Instagram/lenaperminova Instagram is a dream come true for fashionistas – after all, where else could you take such a revealing peep into the colorful world of models, photographers and stylists? But with everyone from lauded designers to selfie-snapping It Girls getting in on the action, it’s difficult to know where to start finding your …

By Sarah Jones