After This Man Rescued Four Baby Squirrels, His Cat’s Reaction Was Startling

The newborn squirrels were tiny. Would introducing them to a cat really be a good idea? She was a calm and gentle animal… but she was still a cat and the babies were rodents. He held a squirrel in his hand and the cat slowly approached, nose lowered, to investigate. Kalpana is a kind-hearted young man who lives in India …

By Dave Jones

This Gecko Has The Most Unlikely Best Friend, And He Couldn’t Be Happier About It

Isn’t this friendly gecko just the happiest little creature you’ve ever seen? And considering the identity of his unlikely new best friend, it’s little surprise. Yes, in a world constantly blighted by terrible news and economic and political hardship, this jolly little fellow is a welcome ray of sunshine. So if you’re in need of cheering …

By Chris Wharfe