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20 Inspirational Celebrities Who Won Battles Against Breast Cancer

Once upon a time, breast cancer was considered an embarrassing disease that couldn’t be treated and wasn’t to be brought up in polite conversation. Thankfully, though, times have changed. Nowadays, the 15-year survival rate for breast cancer sufferers is 78 percent, and more people are prepared to speak openly about their breast cancer journeys. These …

By Sarah Jones
Health and Body

These 20 Healthy Habits Aren’t As Good For You As You Think

Making healthy lifestyle changes is the first step towards living a longer and happier life (with a rockin’ bod to go along with it, obviously). Living healthy isn’t, however, about crash dieting, but changing your habits for the long term. So when you’re getting into a new, wholesome groove, be careful which healthy habits you …

By Jemma Porter