As She Swerved Her Car At This Cop, He Saw Her Mouth Two Desperate Words

They had been driving around for an hour, and the carjacker had barely taken the gun off them for a second. The woman knew she had to do something. So when she saw a passing police car, she seized her opportunity in the most astonishing way. In March 2017 Barbara Love from Atlanta, Georgia, was …

By Annie Price

The 20 Strangest Secret Service Codenames Ever

It’s a well-known fact that the Secret Service gives codenames to presidents, their families and other high-ranking government staff. Starting in the Truman era, when sensitive information was easy to intercept, the practice has continued out of custom and as a means for agents to quickly identify their charges. Some monikers relate directly to their …

By Chris Shackleton
Image: via BBC
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This 20-Year-Old British Man Attempted To Assassinate Donald Trump

As Michael Sandford reaches for the police officer’s gun, there’s seemingly only one thing on his mind: the man delivering a speech at the front of the Las Vegas rally. But before he can point the weapon at then presidential candidate Donald Trump, Sandford is pinned to the ground and arrested. And yet there’s more …

By Chris Wharfe

6 Areas Of Science That Donald Trump Thinks Are Fake

Donald Trump’s first month in office has been a pretty turbulent one. Indeed, the new President has come under fire for pretty much everything from his public discussions with the Japanese Prime Minister to his controversial travel ban. Aside from many media outlets – which Trump dismisses as being peddlers of “fake news” – one …

By Jemma Porter