These 20 Photos Of World Leaders As Young People Will Make You Do A Double Take

Perhaps this goes without saying, but world leaders take great interest in their own image. Whether they see themselves as dignified and wise or as authoritative and all-knowing, powerful people love cultivating a certain public persona to portray to their adoring subjects. However, few leaders were born with power in their grasp. And – judging …

By Chris Shackleton

20 Shadowy Secrets That Uber Doesn’t Want You To Know About

It’s the app which has revolutionized the taxi industry. But Uber isn’t always as super as its name suggests. Here’s a look at how the company has continually made headlines for all the wrong reasons. 20. It got caught up in an immigration protest Not for the first time, Uber was accused of trying to …

By Jon O'Brien
Image: ALEXANDER NEMENOV/AFP/Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The 20 Most Powerful People On The Planet

What makes an individual powerful? Is it the amount of wealth they have in their control and the sphere of influence they possess as a result? Or is power the amount of authority one has over a given population? It’s not an easy question to answer, but there are certain individuals whose actions have a …

By Chris Shackleton
Image: YouTube/EightyFourFilms / YouTube/EightyFourFilms

In 1987 This Disgraced Politician Did The Unimaginable In Front Of TV Cameras

On a snowy day in January, Robert Budd Dwyer arrived at a press conference with a seemingly unremarkable manila envelope. The gathered journalists might have imagined that it contained documents or briefing notes. But the Pennsylvania State Treasurer knew different. The heft of the envelope reminded him that it was not paperwork in his hand but a …

By Selina Powell