As She Swerved Her Car At This Cop, He Saw Her Mouth Two Desperate Words

They had been driving around for an hour, and the carjacker had barely taken the gun off them for a second. The woman knew she had to do something. So when she saw a passing police car, she seized her opportunity in the most astonishing way. In March 2017 Barbara Love from Atlanta, Georgia, was …

By Annie Price

19 Unexplained Deaths That Remain A Mystery To This Day

Everyone loves a good mystery. Some, though, are more baffling than others. Take these 19 real-life cases, for example. All of these people died in circumstances so mysterious that not even professional investigators or coroners have been able to explain them. Will you be able to work out what really happened to them? 19. Zigmund …

By Charlie Gilbert
Image: Facebook/Kurtis Mulvaney / Dayton Police via WHIO

The 20 Scariest Sightings In The Killer Clown Craze So Far

There is a current tsunami of creepy clown sightings. Indeed, the phenomenon is sweeping not only the U.S. but countries from Canada to the U.K. And while there’s no doubt that some of the clowns are nothing more than pranksters and hoaxers, others are much more sinister. The genuinely scary ones, for instance, include clowns with weapons and those using …

By Ken Macdonald